3-D to 2-D


Flagler Student and avid smoker



While shooting this series, I was somewhat caught aback by the reaction, and interaction, of others with my penis sculpture. Its abstracted form doesn't necessarily scream "penis". Yet, it became clear that the average person's first recognizable thought toward this sculpture was said male reproductive organ. At this though, I was instantly drawn to the concept of site-specific art that as described by Tate is "artwork designed for a specific location, if removed from that location it loses all or a substantial part of its meaning". Similarly, the penis on my head evokes different feelings and reactions thus forcing a change in meaning depending on its placement.

I chose to use the different approach of placing my masked identity within human context. I portrayed studying at school and smoking because they are both actions that are commonly performed by both genders. Changing my penis masked identity to a different context brings literal life into its image. The mask becomes a sort of animate object that we, as humans, can relate to on a personal level. 


  • Select an image(s) of work made in this class.  
  • Manipulate an image(s), to create an entirely new image.
  • The image in the final solution does not have to represent the original sculpture.
  • The image has to be manipulated either on the computer or by hand.
  • Video time of 1 minute is approximate. 
  • I am looking for thoughtful solutions that demonstrate effort and an awareness of the elements and principles of design.
  • Write a short artist statement and post on blog with final solution. 

You can manipulate image(s) any way you choose. May use more than one approach.

  • Use photoshop. 
  • Add music/sound.
  • Add movement with animation of video. 
  • Cut and paste by hand. Print out images, cut, paste to create a new image. Scan or photograph.
  • Draw on image(s). Print out image(s), draw into image. Scan or photograph. 
  • Paper cut with layers. Print out images. Create "windows" in one image with paper cuts. Place another image behind first to create layers. Scan or photograph. 
  • Stitch. Sew into an image or sew several smaller pieces together. Scan or photograph. 

This next idea is a slightly different approach. 

  • Strategically place actual sculpture(s) in an environment and photograph/video. This idea revolves around the artwork being incorporated as a prop. 
  • Final solution can be the photograph or you can manipulate further