The assignment: READ: Touch chapter from the book A Natural History of The Senses by Diane Ackerman. Create something in response to the ideas highlighted in each section.

I chose the sections "The Hand" & "Tattoos".

THE HAND : art of deception

“You drive a red car,” she says in a solemn voice.
“No, a blue one…,” I say, hating to disappoint her…..
“You’re close to someone named Mary?”
I shake my head no.
“Margaret? Melissa? Monica?”

Hands can lie. Hands can tell the truth. We look to
hands to give us answers in one way or another.
How long will I live?
How hard do I work?
We think that rough hands are an indicative sign of a hard worker–but what about lotion?
Some look to arbitrary lines to guide them in life.
Some ascertain that a soft touch is a loving touch.

Hands lie.

TATTOOS: art of coveting

The act of coveting. We covet an idea, an image, a feeling. We withstand pain, the uncomfortableness of it all, just to portray that which we covet. We walk around with visual representations of emotions, sensations, and ideas that are made with needle and ink. We allow the painful penetration of needle to skin for the sake of making literal, and touchable, that which is inside us.


KISSING: art of semiotics

Imagine eating a Hershey’s Kiss. Now imagine a kiss. Both satisfying. Both savoring. Both feeling pressures– the wetness. Both involving an interaction between two things. Doing similar things, yet for completely different reasons. Kissing a Kiss.



and more kisses

and more kisses