Map Relief



Artist Statement:

This map relief was conceptualized by the recent occurrence of my friend's pregnancy. Confronted with such a news, I pondered the significance of the event. Pregnancy, in its most basic sense is a journey—one that is as much physical as emotional. Hormones, anticipation, stress all contribute to the emotional aspect. However, as the weeks drag on, the body begins to accommodate and nourish the growing fetus. Using the metaphor of the journey-like process of pregnancy and since journeys require maps, this map relief is meant to symbolize the journey of pregnancy that culminates in birth. It is a token of celebration and triumph. The white of the paper signifying purity ultimately contrast with the deep reds of the yarn. The yarn represents the blood involved in birthing, as much beautiful as necessary. 



Adhering to the concept of relief sculpture, create a topographical map that reflects a personal idea. 


_____Final solution to measure approx. 24 inches in at least one direction. Depth must measure at least 1 inch.  Final solution will hang on the wall. Another option is for the piece to free stand on a pedestal with the intention of being viewed as a relief. 

_____Final solution incorporates at least one construction method (see methods below). 

_____Final solution utilizes a color scheme (Complementary, Analogous, Neutral (gray/brown), Split Complementary, Monochromatic, Cool, Warm). Color will not dominate. Rather, incorporate color into black and white media. Compromises can be made for those who want to work only black and white. 



Expose student to various processes of three-dimensional construction. Challenge student to use elements and principles of design to visually communicate concept. Provide opportunity for students to develop an idea utilizing research methods that support critical thinking (looking, reading, discourse and modeling). 




32 in L / 11 in W / 40 in H


Foam board

Tracing paper

Gesso & Water

Red yarn (2 types)