Balsa Wood Small Sculptures

"Penny, Fiona & Barbara"


Fiona, Barbara & Penny

Fiona, Barbara & Penny


One of the lovely artists that I've had the pleasure of knowing through
Instagram started the above hashtag and it really resonated in my work.

Play is such a valuable aspect of my work—making art is about having fun. If there is no fun to be had, then I'm not with it. If I'm honest, I'll admit that these three sculptures got away from me. They expanded, in every sense of the word, and became these obnoxiously and beautifully large and unrecognizable structures. They remind me of me; they remind me of growth; they remind me of the unknown. They were not meant to be what they are and yet they are unapologetically there.
I chose to portray focal point, scale, and repetition for my sculptures. The titles of the sculptures reflect a symbolic representation of women that embody the visual aesthetic of each. Penny is a Pendulum, with wide hips and a beautiful golden afro. Fiona is strong as wood and a pattern lover with flowing, straight hair. Barbara is pale as paper, with sweet curls that frame her face. They stand together, a sisterhood of mixed materials, all lovely in their nuances. 


Pendulum: 15 in L (including space within the pendulum / 3.5 in W / 17in H (at highest point)

Wooden Structure: 9.5 in L (12 including tape ends) / 6 in W / 11 in H

White paper top: 5 in L / 3.5 in W / 15 in H base (21 in to top of paper) 


Balsa wood

Wood glue



Hot glue


Using limited materials, make three, small scale sculptures.
Each sculpture must demonstrate height, width and depth.
Each sculpture emphasizes an element or principle of art and design.  Choose three terms from the list below. Each sculpture needs to emphasize one term. 

  • Focal Point
  • Texture
  • Scale (contrast between large and small within one sculpture)
  • Repetition
  • Pattern
  • Space (create an interior space)
  • Symmetry
  • Rhythm