Soap Carving

Potbelly pig


Careful observation, meticulous carving and a lot of patience—all the things I do not excel at. I'm impatience, electric, all-consuming. I normally don't think things twice, sometimes not even once— I'm a do-er. Soap carving was an interesting challenge because I enjoyed the process but not the content. Replication will never me my forte. I love all of which is around me, but I find no desire to make more of it. I gain no pleasure from making a look-a-like or copy.
Also, we are surrounded by normal, we live in the normal. I want to make that which I cannot see or hold.



Observe from life to complete two soap carvings. Use a small, plastic animal as the source of observation and soap as the medium. The final solutions will depict correct proportions, textures and details. Once carvings complete, create a two drawings and a color analysis.



4.5 in L / 2.25 in W / 2.5 in H (at heighest point)

PINK: 4.25 in L / 1.25 in W / 2.25 in H (at heighest point)