hairy business >.<

hairy business >.<



Hi, I’m Ana!

I make abstract art in St. Augustine. I made the leap to making art as a (serious) hobby in December of 2015.

I'm a graphic design student at Flagler College by day and a bakery clerk for Publix by night. I'm going into my junior year after leaving school for two years to explore the "real world". I was art director for a community newspaper owned by the Sun Sentinel but I definitely saw the need for advancement in my field.

 As much as I love graphic design (I've been doing it for almost five years) I always felt the tug between client work and personal work. Graphic design is great, but when you have clients you don't always (or never?) get your way, and I needed an outlet for my more personal ideas.

I started this blog as a way of merging my everyday life with my art in hopes of blurring the lines and one day (hopefully) calling myself an artist. I don’t have the hang of this whole arting (verb; the act of making art) thing and I’m bound to f*** something up, but I’m all in for the full body experience!



instagram: stoned_handmade