Caja de Incongruencias

website & textile design

Caja de Incongruencias, Spanish for “Box fo Incongruences”, is a fictitious e-commerce clothing company for women who understand the paradox: wanting to wear fun patterns without the “fun” colors. Caja produces dynamic fabric patterns in various shades of grey and allows customers to buy the fabric by the yard or choose from a number of pre-made clothes. Every three months, Caja retires the patterns from the previous season and starts a new collection.

Caja is monochromatic, Caja is sophisticated but quirky, Caja is for every woman who was told she couldn’t have her cake and eat it too. 

Join the movement: Negro es mi color feliz®

With a monochromatic color scheme, it’s important to push the rest of the brand visuals. Serif typographic treatments and delicate line work offer a subtle touch of elegance and refinement. A minimalist website interface that, in part, utilizes collapsible accordions help customers navigate otherwise content-heavy pages. The website also focuses on simple call to action segments that further help with navigation. Ultimately, the website maximizes usability and does not detract from the “sophisticated but quirky” brand appeal.

Six sample pattern swatches

Six sample pattern swatches

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