Devil’s Java : Cannabis-Infused Cold Brew

packaging design

Devil’s Java is a fictitious brand of cannabis-infused cold brew drinks originating in St. Augustine, FL. The name is a play on words between “Devil’s Grass”, a slang term for cannabis, and the common term for coffee, java. Devil’s Java allows the customer to take an active role in their experience by choosing one of the five drinks that best conforms to their activity and/or intended mood. Since colors are frequently associated with certain moods, the five products are color-coded to establish this. For example, Diffuse, a bold choice intended for high social interactions is denoted with red, a color normally associated with energy and passion. Environmentally-friendly packaging was a must. Reusable glass bottles are complimented with 100% biodegradable slip-on labels. These easy to remove labels further incentivizes customers to keep the bottle. An added bonus being the intricate graphic that is etched onto the back of the bottle, only visible after finishing a bottle and mandatorily collectable. Child resistant caps are covered with a layer of wax that can be easy removed but useful for tamper evidence. 

Labels are kept simple to stand apart from the many brands of cannabis-infused drinks with overwhelming visuals. Angular typography is contrasted with a slab serif for a mix of new and old. The minimalist appearance of the label contrasts the busy pattern on the back in what some might describe as the mullet of design, “business in the front, party in the back.”

Always a perfect addition to any activity, choose your experience with Devil’s Java.

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Back design

Back design

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