Todd Kuffner

poster design, website & branding 
Todd Kuffner is a musician based out of the UK who writes, arranges, records, produces, mixes and masters each album entirely by himself. His music is a mixture of folk and rock; a sort of whimsical darkness with a hint of romanticism. For his personal branding, an abstracted monogram with angular lines appears almost as an ancient symbol and is paired with six burgundy circles reminiscent of the six cords on a guitar. Together they balance the dichotomous appeal of love and melancholy. The burgundy, a staple in his personal branding, is matched with other similarly darker colors to hint at the folk. Beyond personal branding, branding was developed for a fictional concert tour that included a tour poster, album cover for accompanying album release, and business cards to leave with interested individuals in the business. Business cards are meant to be tour-specific and collectable; a new design would be made for each consecutive tour. Texture on poster and album cover are collaged together from artwork made by me. The paintings’ rough textures and subdued colors are meant to hint at the emotions within the music. 
The main goal of the art direction is to fuse the elements of folk and rock while keeping his personal branding minimalist and able to withstand artistic ebb and flow.

man holding Poster.jpg